Automatic Doors

Offering a comprehensive range of Automatic Doors

Automatic Doors for every Entrance & Budget

We offer a comprehensive range of the modern and stylish automatic doors to suit every building type, be it an office, shop, hospital or school. Manufactured to the latest British Standards (BS EN 16005) and to your specific requirements, they are exceptionally well made incorporating the trusted RECORD brand of motors and operators and as such are very reliable and yet surprisingly economical.

Welcoming, visually attractive, convenient and providing great accessibility to your customers, visitors or staff alike, they are available in a choice of operations from manual, low energy to fully automatic.

With over 15 years’ experience, we offer a prompt and professional installation and repairs service to our commercial and retail clients nationwide with all our entrance systems and workmanship fully guaranteed.

Automatic Sliding Doors

Automatic Sliding Doors are most often used for ‘high traffic’ entranceways, such as supermarkets, hospitals or public buildings. Elegant in their appearance, they provide a welcoming feel to your building and easy access but they also help retain room temperature and thus reduce energy bills through heat loss.

Our sliding doors feature a heavy duty operator which is enclosed in a compact housing only 100mm high and one that incorporates a ‘self-diagnostic’ fault finding system. Due to their excellent design the wear and tear over their lifetime is minimal and as such are suitable for the most rigorous of applications and are fully compliant with BS EN 16005.

Automatic Opening Swing Doors

Automatic Opening Swing Doors are ideal for those wanting a professional yet welcoming entrance and are designed to meet the needs of a wide range of demanding environments. Fully automatic, energy efficient and incorporating the latest technology they provide a long term reliable performance and take up the smallest of space as the drive is usually fitted above the door.

Automatic Internal Swing Doors

For internal applications such as offices, hospitals, schools or storage areas, our range of Internal Swing Doors are perfect for ease of access and a range of cost-effective usage options. Automatic operators can be fitted to existing timber, steel or aluminium doors or supplied as a complete entrance package.

Intelligent and flexible our choice of doors have numerous standard features and are suitable for doors up to 200kg.