Manual & Electric Roller Shutters

Leeds Industrial Doors supply industrial roller shutters for warehouses, hangars, units and factories.

In these sorts of large premises, a standard roller shutter would not suffice. heavy duty Industrial roller shutters cater to the requirements needed by these buildings, offering the security, insulation and weather protection needed at the grand scale required.

In many of these units, where vehicles or workers could be entering and exiting frequently throughout the day, a heavy duty, durable motor would be required to ensure continued shutter automation without burnout. In many cases, more than one motor will be required if dealing with a large industrial door that is opened and closed repeatedly throughout the day, Warehouses and units where the shutter is only operational a couple of times a day might only need a single motor. Whilst there are manually shutters available, most industries opt for electric automated roller shutters for ease.

Made in Germany, Hormann industrial roller shutters utilise innovative tension spring assembly to reduce wear on the mechanical door elements.  Hormann’s added safety features also removes the need for closing edge safety devices and lintel guard, due to the standard open and close power output limitations. In these types of industries where industrial shutters are needed, these enhanced safety options are perfect to ensure health and safety guidelines are being adhered to.

Industrial Roller Shutter Repairs

In addition to installing, our skilled technicians are also able to undertake industrial roller shutter repairs. If there’s a fault with the manual opener, automation of the shutter or electric control, give us a call. We can also repair or replace any worn parts and misalignment.

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