Leeds Industrial Doors have the perfect solution for any home or business looking to improve the security of their property – security window shutters.

Why choose window shutters?

By having security window shutters fitted in Leeds by our skilled team of professionals, not only may they lower your insurance premium but they will also give you added peace of mind to the protection of your property.

With many unscrupulous individuals looking to gain access into a property by breaking the windows, windows with shutters are less likely to be vandalised and with the difficulty of entering a property this way, the shutters are a great deterrent for any attempted burglary or invasion.

security window shutters

Commercial and Residential Window Shutters

Though in the past it’s predominantly been businesses who choose to have window shutters installed, residential homes are too beginning to utilise this safety asset, especially on properties where the owner may be away for long periods at a time or where a family may feel at risk or vulnerable to intruders. The additional benefit of having security window shutters fitted is that they can be partially lowered to provide shade on warm and sunny days.

All of the Alutech window shutters we fit are electronically operated with a manual release kit which can be used in the event of power outages and emergencies. Constructed by aluminium lath, all window shutters have an extruded anti-lever aluminium bottom lath.

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